Working method

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Working method

Message  Gugusso le Ven 14 Déc - 4:35

Working method

The work on the project will be divided in three steps (which are likely to overlap each other):

1) Writing - Building - Populating

2) Questing - Navmeshing - Scripting

3) Testing - Dubbing

In each step, several teams will work on different aspects of the project.

Team 1 will handle writing:

- Quest scenarii (be they main or optional)
- Lore writing (families, regions or cities)
- Miscellaneous things such as books, poems, bard songs...

Team 2 will handle all that relates to scenery building:

- Level design (cities, exteriors, interiors, dungeons, strongholds...)
- Landscaping
- Weather effects

Team 3 will handle populating and all that relates to the PC or NPCs:

- PNJ creation and tuning
- Item creation: weapons, armours, misc items and clothing
- Crafting features creation or enhancement
- Creatures creation

Note: It is not impossible to belong to several teams at the beginning (especially for modeling).

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Re: Working method

Message  Sasisma le Dim 24 Mar - 9:08

and team 4 that its me Razz decorating Very Happy!

Et l'équipe 4 c'est moi :p je décore Very Happy!

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